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Do you want to know more about me? Note that all my views on Corporate Programmer are that of my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

Hello, I am Clarice Bouwer. Check out my career and feel free to get in touch through hello@corporateprogrammer.com or follow me on social media.


I make software for people. I live outside my comfort zone which keeps me challenged and continuously learning. I enjoy solving problems and bridging the communication gap between business and technology by getting the right people to talk about the right things at the right time in the right language as best as humanly possible.

I offer a wealth of positive energy and insights through over a decade of experience. If there is one thing I know is that I don’t know everything - and never will. Learning and growing through amazing people and work is key. I value team-work, honesty, openness and transparency.

I am agile hence I adapt quickly and aim for iterative delivery with quick feedback loops where I prefer not to compromise on quality. I have the ability to negotiate trade-offs, manage expectations and push back yet understand the urgency of expedited releases. Technical debt is inevitable but must be cleaned up as code is touched again. I also have a keen eye for detail which improves UX, UI, Content and overall quality of solutions.

Lastly, I am a generalist, so I don’t box myself to a specific role. I am not a buzz-word or resume-driven developer. I believe in finding the most appropriate tools for the job. There is no right way, only better ways.

How I keep my skills sharp

  • Read blogs and articles
  • Get insightful nuggets through conversations
  • Focus of principles, practices and philosophies rather than actual technologies
  • Tinker on personal projects in my own time
  • Play coding games as on CodinGame.com

What I aspire to do

It’s no longer about the skills and technology for me. They are variable and can become outdated and obsolete. I am more focused on adding value within a community or help enhance the job roles of others whether it be through education, automation, new solutions…

Why this blog?

Credit is where credit is due. Thanks to help, I now have an amazing blog to share with you.

I started working in small companies. I’ve made many mistakes in my career and I have learned to find opportunities through them.

I joined a corporate in 2014 and got contracted out to another on the date of joining. It was overwhelming. I wish I had a survival guide: Proxies, Network Access, Organizational Chart, Support and Facilities numbers etc.

I started my self-discovery process in this time. Originally this blog was for the survival guide I so desperately wanted but it evolved. It became more people focuses and I now share what I learn in my discovery process while my perspective adapts.

For every negative experience I encounter, I like to extract learning points. This is what I want to share on Corporate Programmer - a survival journal if you will. I don’t always get it right but when I do I hope it proves useful to you.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

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